Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be at the park to use the book?

No, many of the vacation tips are great when planning your trip. However, being that it is an interactive guide many of the puzzles and aspects of the scavenger hunt utilize the surrounding area of the parks.

How can I get my pictures on @WaltJonesAdventure Instagram or Facebook?

It is simple, anytime you post on your own social media about your adventure tag @waltjonesadventure OR use the hashtag, #waltjones or #waltjonesadventure

When will my package ship?

We ship orders out every week. Our orders go out Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you order on a non-ship day or over a holiday weekend, your order should ship the following shipping day.

Is the scavenger hunt hard?

The hunt is great for the family or as an extra activity. It takes some time to collect answers, but with persitance, it is not 'hard'. However, some puzzles may require some in depth problem solving.

When can we do the scavenger hunt?

Anytime during your trip! While you travel between attractions, eat lunch, or even wait in line. There is plenty of down town to allow you to solve some puzzles as you move from one activity to another. Also note, you do not need to complete it all in one trip!